About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to the Dove Tree Art & Design blog!  My name is Kari and I'm the gal behind all things Dove Tree.  My days are spent living and working in a one hundred and twelve year-old house in a sleepy little town.  A few of my favorite things include: gardening, antiques, painting, coffee, books, running, lace and my front porch.  I also love all things artistic and am so thankful to be able to spend my free time creating art, clothing, accessories... or whatever the day brings.  
The Dove Tree project started out two years ago as a creative outlet for what little free time I had then (between work, coaching and school).  I opened an Etsy shop on December 30th, 2008 and began selling the products of my efforts - everything from small pieces of artwork to decorative pillows and women's clothing.  Since then, my Etsy shop has become a place to sell the clothing and accessories that I make.  More recently, I designed and created a collection called "Blush" - you can check out the lookbook here.  My goal is always to create unique items and I try to incorporate vintage materials (slips, lace, etc) whenever possible.
I have also been fortunate when it comes to creating and selling custom pieces of artwork to have the support of friends and family and the kind word-of-mouth publicity that only small towns can provide.  My favorite mediums to work with are: acrylic paints, canvas, wood and up-cycled or re-purposed frames and canvas board.  
I joined the blog world in March 2010 and the Dove Tree blog is a place for me to post about my current projects, my day-to-day adventures and the things that inspire me from fashion to photography.  (You can check out photos of current and previous projects by choosing from the options in the sidebar). 
Some days I'm not altogether certain of where I'm going with it all, but maybe that's the beauty of it. Regardless, It seems to be the way I operate so I'll go with it and enjoy it all along the way!
Thanks so much for stopping in!  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any questions - I love hearing feedback from readers!


P.S. - Check out the "10 Funny Habits & Guilty Pleasures" and "6 Confessions" posts for a bit of an idea of the inner-workings of my quirky lil' mind:

And a big thanks to the lovely gals of Jack & Ruby Photography for so kindly letting me use the above photos!  Love you girls, love your work!