Sunday, January 5, 2014

My poor ma has had to celebrate her birthday in the shadow of Christmas for ____ years now, and I'm not convinced she'll ever warm up to the arrangement.  Barring any (rather unlikely) changes to the day Christmas is celebrated, I guess she'll just have to carry on sharing the season.  
My sister, papa, and I are all committed to trying to divvy up her gifts so that Christmas is not too, too much more exciting than her birthday.  The pics above are of a shadow box Kimmy and I gave her this year.  An empty shadow box is a wee dull and uninspiring, so I started it off for her, in hopes that she will find some keepsakes of her own to display.
Meanwhile, having a big sigh over here for the last day of winter holidays, and at the same time, hoping for a bright start to a new year and looking forward to getting back into a routine (of sorts… because I am just not ever going to be that much of a scheduler ;)
C'mon 2014, let's get it started!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's SO COLD here that there is literally nothing to do but pull up your socks and hibernate like a big ole bear.  Books, tea, and coziness on the couch for me.
Stay warm ya'll!