Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer's End Art

The last of the summertime paintings - subject matter including, but not limited to, POPPIES.  I know, total shock.  I have been a tad obsessive with those little blooms over the past months...

** check out more Poppy Mania HERE **

There are still more projects on the go (it's perpetual over here), but with the change of seasons and official end of holidays, time spent on them will (unfortunately) be harder to come by.  For some reason, it always seems that the less time I have to be creative, the more.and.more.and.more ideas are firing around in my head.  Yesterday those ideas caused me to leave my classroom organizing mid-day for some thrift shop D.I.Y.s.  The way I see it, you have to make the most of those moments - whenever possible!

This morning is dedicated to a special under-wraps nursery project... So far, so cute :)


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