Friday, September 20, 2013


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer's End Art

The last of the summertime paintings - subject matter including, but not limited to, POPPIES.  I know, total shock.  I have been a tad obsessive with those little blooms over the past months...

** check out more Poppy Mania HERE **

There are still more projects on the go (it's perpetual over here), but with the change of seasons and official end of holidays, time spent on them will (unfortunately) be harder to come by.  For some reason, it always seems that the less time I have to be creative, the more.and.more.and.more ideas are firing around in my head.  Yesterday those ideas caused me to leave my classroom organizing mid-day for some thrift shop D.I.Y.s.  The way I see it, you have to make the most of those moments - whenever possible!

This morning is dedicated to a special under-wraps nursery project... So far, so cute :)


Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's here.  Despite 30+ degree weather, there's no more denying it.  School has started, nights are cool, and pumpkin spice has made it's debut at your local coffee chain.  Fall is upon us.  
In honor of my most favorite of seasons, I thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces for this transitional (pre-boot) weather.

Let's start from the tip top.  The hat.  After falling in love with a similar version of this panama hat, I found this (very) inexpensive one at Forever21, and I've been toting this thing around for more than a year - somehow, I love it more and more!
Next up: the chunky sweater.  This version hails from Urban Outfitters, as does my other much-worn cream colored one.  It's the perfect thing to throw on with old denim shorts, and whatever loafers you dig for loafin' (this minty pair was a Target steal last year).

Every season calls for a new bag - right?!  I picked this soft leather satchel up at Wish Nola.  I also snagged the cutest plaid and leather dress at this shop, worthy of a post all its own!  I'm taking this tote out for it's first night on the town this evening - we'll see how she fares ;)

Finally, if you don't already have 73 different chambray shirts, you need to pick up one.  It's one of the easiest, comfiest layers out there.  This BDG number, and the Ecote tie-dye dress underneath are both U.O. pieces.  While purging/reorganizing my closet, I moved all of the summer dresses to the back, but kept a few that I think transition well stashed amongst my fall pieces.  They're perfect for this in-between weather - just throw that chunky knit or chambray over top for the evening.

I keep having 'one last hurrah' moments the past few weeks.  After a day in the classroom yesterday, organizing binders and binders and binders of lesson plans, I'm really looking forward to some fun with  my sister & co. this evening.  We're talking: pedis, sushi, and James Murphy at Union Sound Hall.  
Quite the line-up for a Thursday!

And a Happy Pre-Weekend to ya'll!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Just a quick D.I.M. (Did It Myself) share today!  I made this simple piece for my sister to use in the entrance of her new condo.  She recently purchased a condo in a converted trophy factory - meaning: crazy high ceilings, exposed ducting, and brick, brick, and more brick!  It's gorgeous.  Kim and I have had lots of fun shopping for decor, and it's all starting to come together.  I think this piece will fit in swimmingly :)

It's off to work this afternoon, but first some fun time on a project for a friend's nursery...  
Let the September mayhem begin!


Monday, September 2, 2013

poppies & peonies & poppies some more

There has been much painting going on over here this summer, and it has felt SO.GOOD to get back into it!  These three are all done on 18" square canvases... unusually small painting spaces for this gal, but as it turns out, the perfect way to get my ideas down in a more timely manner.  Besides, the current project is 42" x 100" (yes, that's 35 square feet of canvas), so a few small pieces here and there help to make the task much less daunting!

There's a few little jobs to do around the house, and then I'm thinking the long weekend will end with a poolside read, and more sister time :)

Happy September, ya'll!