Monday, August 26, 2013


I haven't even begun to wade through the myriad photos I took with my D-SLR in the French Quarter and Garden District of New Orleans on a recent foray I took with my sister, but figured a quick blitz of iPhone pics might get the motivation flowing.  Might.
It's hard to do anything these days but tick boxes on the End-of-Summer Enjoyment checklist.  I was up at the crack of dawn (yes, actually) cleaning out my closet - pulling fall items forward, sorting, stacking, and trying to decipher which pieces I will actually wear again.  There's certainly some 'good intention' type bits hanging around, but it's looking a littler leaner overall!  I do love a good purge... even one guilt-induced by fall shopping.
Next up, off to drop the first round of boxes off in my new classroom.  
Kinda hoping this organization-mode lingers!

Happy (Productive) Monday ya'll!


*** All fine art pics above are from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art; the pretty buildings are French Quarter beauties; and the fancy lights/dinnerware are from tasty dinners out.  The remainder of the pics are from an awesome outdoor night-time art market on Frenchman Street.  Love that city!