Sunday, June 23, 2013


After months of procrastination - I'm blaming the super-soggy, highly-unmotivating spring - I recently got around to planting up my outdoor spaces.  I container gardening!  I've been meaning to add a little more green indoors as well; I decided to attempt a terrarium project with some of the gorgeous succulents I've been amassing throughout my greenhouse shopping excursions.  I spent all of 5 minutes 'Googling' the process/supplies before realizing that almost any container suffices, and there really is no one right way to put it all together.  You can use anything from mason jars, to vases, to actual terrarium gardens to complete this type of container.  I opted for a shiny chrome lantern, added moss grown in my own backyard (along with some store-bought sheet moss to use as skirting), and my choicest of plants.  Not only does the lantern option add unexpected visual interest to an indoor living space, it makes watering the arrangement a simple task!
Check out the finished product below...

Happy Planting!