Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some of my favourite furnishings are made-over thrift/auction finds.  Normally it takes a little more than a new 'hat' to breathe life into a tired piece - this shapely, oversized lamp is certainly the exception.  The original shade was in decent condition, just a bit on the granny side for my taste.  Swapping it out for a simple white drum allows the base do all the talking... and if you ask me, 'nuff said.
After an evening of wine and ideas, a good gal pal and I decided to investigate as to what exactly has been living under the layers of carpet and linoleum in the front rooms of my old abode.  We struck gold!  Er, actually, we struck wood.  4" wide pine plank flooring, to be exact.  As a result, my living room, dining room, and entrance hallway are getting a total makeover.  It is currently a state of chaos - there are staples to pull, gobs of underlay to scrape and a whole lotta sanding to get through before I'll be ready to finish the job...
Which buys me some time to decide how exactly I will finish this sea of planks... 
Happy Thursday ya'll!