Saturday, August 18, 2012

clean & sweep

I've been super into the house projects this month... cleaning and purging the joint of excess 'stuff.'  It's amazing how good it can feel to get rid of the things you don't need/use.  The kitchen was a bit of a battle for me - everything seems useful, but I certainly wasn't using everything hiding in those 60+ year old cupboards.  Who needs 3 complete sets of wine/champagne glasses?  Not I.  I'm one of those people who is always 'saving' things for an occasion (maybe I was waiting for the Queen to come to lunch before I used the 'good' dishes?!)  It makes very little sense in hindsight.  So, after paring it down, this is what I'm left with... One pretty set of mix & match dishes, one set of wine/champagne/beer glasses, and only the matching cutlery.  It looks good and it feels even better.
Yes.  I am still working on the floors... so it's not like I need another project, but looking at these pics, I can't help but think that the back of the inside of the kitchen cupboards would look pretty cute painted a  muted blue-grey... hmm, or a super soft mint....
Hope ya'll are enjoying the weekend!
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hollysarah said...

I love your lotus bowls! Are they vintage?

Kari said...

Thanks Holly - They're not vintage... I worked at Pier 1 waaaay back when I lived in Winnipeg, and they are one of the many remnants of that era that I still love and use all of the time!