Thursday, July 5, 2012

(Temporarily) Gone, but (Hopefully) not Forgotten...

Hopefully.  After a MASSIVE hiatus, I am all graduated-up and also tacked on my ESL teaching certification.  AND IT FEELS GOOD.  I think I've had enough of school... maybe forever, but definitely for a few years!  
(I'm having some serious deja vu vibes... did I already say this at the end of the semester before I decided to hunker down and do the intensive add-on?)
Anyway... since I handed in the last assignment on Friday, I have been happily enjoying some MUCH needed summer holidays - lounging on the beach and by the pool with friends over the long weekend, driving through the countryside taking pictures (yes, there was actual dust on my camera), and mixing up mojitios to enjoy hanging on the porch in my hammock.  It's like a whole new world, this downtime thing... I've never appreciated having a break more than I do right now :)
I'm also pretty content to get back into the creative projects - starting with posting the lookbook items FOR SALE in the new shop.  After several inquiries the maxi dress in the photo above is now available to purchase (HERE).
And so, I wish you all a Happy Summer!  
Much, much more on the way...


Alina Anghel said...

lovely photo! xx

Mădălina Simona Merca said...

Nice blog! love the layout and design!
kiss kiss,
The Indie Chase Blog

K said...

Congrats on finishing up the school AND getting your certification! Any big plans with it now?
Enjoy your break; obviously you've earned it :) And now I'm off to ooh and aah over the shop items!

Gabriele V. said...

Hi dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with blogger and bloglovin?

have a nice day!

Kari said...

Thank you all for the comments!

K - I'm hoping to teach ESL around here for now... but let's just say I wouldn't be opposed to travel at some point either ;)

gV - Consider yourself followed :)