Thursday, July 19, 2012

Straight & Narrow, and Not at All

So once upon a time, I took a slew of personality, learning style and aptitude tests... and as it turns out, I am an unusual (surprise, surprise) combination of abstract/introvert/extrovert/organized/unorganized blah blah muh.  But.  It's true.
For me, organized = stacks and piles (pretty ones, of course); abstract is a LOVE, but a sense of symmetry and visual weight is a MUST.  There's evidence of this mentality all over my house and workspace - it's eclectic, but neat, and all together appeals to this gal, big time.
So maybe it makes sense then, that when I'm not making a mess with paint brushes, you can sometimes find me with a ruler and t-square in-hand, doing a little freelance drafting.
On the docket for today: designing a couple of armoires... to be preceded by some pool time, because guess what?  It's HOT again.  Like 44 degrees hot (that's 111 fahrenheit for my American friends).

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