Tuesday, April 24, 2012

this and that and this

dress - forever 21
heels - wet seal

This is a bit of a multi-purpose post - first, to say, "hello again!"  
Second - yes, the hair colour is new and different and I'm still uncertain (but liking it more all the time).
And third.  
Thirdly, I am all graduated-up... this is the dress that was hiding under that big ugly gown.  I am so happy to be done that part of my education, even if it just means there's more to come... this keener kinda enjoys learning.  (Although, my brain is quite tired of writing papers these days and would LOVE a break).
Finally, I am exploring the possibility that I am crazy.  I've decided to head back to school full-time on Monday.  Luckily, this is a 6-week deal - and even more lucky, I have a very cute little sister who is letting me live with her while I go to school.  That part I am looking forward to... a matching gym/yoga buddy, who likes the same food and can share a wardrobe... what more could I need?!
All of that being said, I'm heading out in search of a latte and then hibernating in my studio for a few hours, because I have been dearly, sorely, desperately missing creativity as of late.


K said...

Congratulations on the graduation! That dress is BEAUTIFUL; it made me automatically open a tab and start going through Forever 21's dresses, although I'm betting it's not there anymore (it's my curse to admire the things that aren't in stores, haha). Good luck with summer classes :)

Kari said...

Miss K - I just bought it at the Polo Park location a week ago... there were only a few left, but *maybe* you'd luck-out ;) Thanks for the congrats - you know allllll about the school-ness, so I appreciate it! Take care!

Cynthia said...

Congratulations! I struggled with a similar hair change, but like you, I am appreciating mine more every day. Can I ask, what program did you graduate from?

Kari said...

Hi Cynthia! The hair has totally grown on me; although I think I like it better styled straight when it's this colour. Oh, and to answer your question, I just finished my Bachelor of Arts...

Tamaras Blend said...

Gorgeous hair colour! And congrats on the graduation!

Kari said...

Thanks so much! And thank you for commenting :)

Glossy Lala said...

Lovely dress,it suits you.
I wonder if you would like to follow each other :).