Friday, April 27, 2012


Just a little list of what I've been lovin' on in April... pretty pastels, lace and crochet (what else is new?!). 
I've been seriously cashing-in on the downtime the past couple of days, preparing my brain for the next round of school on Monday by sandwiching the 'to-do' list with massive amounts of enjoyment.  For example: yesterday I vacuumed, did laundry and cleaned the kitchen... but I also managed to have lunch with my mom and cousins, hit an antique shop, watch an hour of t.v. mid afternoon (while reading a trashy magazine nonetheless), AND I managed a run, yoga class and a walk with a girlfriend.  Now that was a Thursday!  To be perfectly honest, today is not much different... substitute some office work and a pedicure and you've got the idea.
I know, I know... sometimes you just need a refresh though, and this is definitely one of those times for me.
Happy Friday to ya'll!
And HEY!  Watch for the lookbook this weekend : )

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

this and that and this

dress - forever 21
heels - wet seal

This is a bit of a multi-purpose post - first, to say, "hello again!"  
Second - yes, the hair colour is new and different and I'm still uncertain (but liking it more all the time).
And third.  
Thirdly, I am all graduated-up... this is the dress that was hiding under that big ugly gown.  I am so happy to be done that part of my education, even if it just means there's more to come... this keener kinda enjoys learning.  (Although, my brain is quite tired of writing papers these days and would LOVE a break).
Finally, I am exploring the possibility that I am crazy.  I've decided to head back to school full-time on Monday.  Luckily, this is a 6-week deal - and even more lucky, I have a very cute little sister who is letting me live with her while I go to school.  That part I am looking forward to... a matching gym/yoga buddy, who likes the same food and can share a wardrobe... what more could I need?!
All of that being said, I'm heading out in search of a latte and then hibernating in my studio for a few hours, because I have been dearly, sorely, desperately missing creativity as of late.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

what.i.wore. & where.i've.been

Sunglasses - Wet  Seal
Necklace - vintage
Cardigan - Costa Blanca
Tank - Forever 21
Shorts - Talula
Heels - Pimkie
Well hey there.  That was my longest unintentional e-absence to-date... not sure whether to cry, or congratulate myself.  It's kinda tough to think about anything but the books when you're THISCLOSE to grad, and even harder to know what to talk about that won't bore everyone outta their cute lil' springtime socks : )  
The countdown is on though - my very LAST final (maybe ever?) is this Friday, and right now I am so very ready for a break from the school girl slump I've been in... I'm feelin' less than healthy, less than energetic and definitely less than creative these days.  I'm not sure what I'll do first:
-Go for a good outdoor run
-Paint something... something really really BIG
-Flip the switch on the sewing machine... and just see what happens
-Make decisions about what's next for me
-Clean my poor ole house
-Spend oh-so-much quality time at the gym
-Catch up with all my girly-friends (whom I have missed d.e.a.r.l.y)
-Put away the stacks of laundry that have been accumulating for weeks
-Go out for sushi (Kimmy? Ya? Ya?)
I'm not sure it even matters where I start - any one of those things would put a smile on my face, for sure (except the cleaning and the laundry, but that's a given).
Hope ya'll have been well!