Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am stuck in a total winter rut.  I've been studying for midterms in geek-ware and leggings for days on end, the weather is cold but there's no snow and it is UGLY out there, the workouts have been lacklustre lately, and to top it off - coffee has been failing me (wha?  I know, I know).  I'm convinced I can beat the winter blah-blah-blahs though...
Here's my plan of attack:
-Get over the glasses + leggings thing.  Yes, I am a student, but just because most of my days are spent reading and researching does not mean I have to ignore the options lurking in my closet.  I'm thinking it would help to do a little online window shopping for spring goodies.  Perhaps a wardrobe post?
-Feel human.  Sometimes this takes effort, especially in the dead of winter.  So far I've got a hair appointment on the books for tomorrow and a pedi scheduled for the first day of reading week (gotta love cashing-in those Christmas gift cards).
-On the same tangent... I'm going to try a new class at the gym tonight - you know, mix it up a little with a yoga-pilates fusion class.
-Load-up on projects.  I'm thinking that the time between paper-writing and studying for tests needs to be packed with good fun for the next while.  So, aside from working on the project with my photo-shoot pics, this afternoon I also signed myself on to show some of my paintings closer to the end of the month.  This means finishing the half-complete number on the dining room table before month's end.  Nice.
-Switch to chai.  Whoa.  Only for a week or so, and just to see how it affects my energy level.  I'm not kidding myself, I'm sure I'll be crying for a latte before noon tomorrow.
If all this good doesn't help bring on the happy sighs, I dunno what will!
For now, time to hunker down and get into some research for the ole English papers...

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