Tuesday, February 21, 2012

London Fog & Mexican Spice

I spent Sunday afternoon doing a little experimenting in the kitchen... making soup and trying this Mexican Spiced Chocolate Chip cookie recipe from HERSHEY'S.  I substituted cloves for cayenne pepper and used margarine rather than butter - but any recipe with cinnamon and coffee granules in it has me instantly sold.  I definitely recommend giving this one a go, and hey, pair it with a cozy London Fog while you're at it.
As it turns out, cookies and I cannot coexist (as in, I will devour them) so a couple down the hatch and the rest were dispersed amongst other cookie monsters.
Hope everyone out there enjoyed the long weekend!


Dorothy Explor'r said...

that looks delicious! i can only imagine how your kitchen smelled like! mmm!

btw, i'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog :) come by if you're interested and i hope we can connect!



M (at) Invoking Inspiration said...

Those sound delicious. I must agree with you, I am quite a cookie monster.

Kari said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies :)