Thursday, February 16, 2012


This cowgirl has had one eye on a constant watch for the perfect denim shirt for months.  I do love this J.Crew chambray, but there's something about this look that says it should be genuinely (gently) pre-loved denim.  Am I making excuses?  Ha.  Maybe I'm just enjoying the search party.
This outfit is just what this oddly warm February is calling for - throw a fisherman's sweater or a little military style jacket over top and you're layered up for the transition from not-such-a-cold winter to spring.  And.  Who can resist Frye boots?
That's what I thought.
Today is the first official day to my reading week - I'm going to make sure not to do any homework.  That should be easy since I seem to have managed to find myself a bit of flu to kick off the spring break - but I'm going to wake up 100% tomorrow.  
(Stubbornness is a virtue, right?!)
Hope ya'll are having a great week,


Amanda Barkey said...

Im loving a chambray shirt! I saw it open, belted with a white tank & a grey maxi the other day- love! I love that bag and cuff too!

Kari said...

Well Miss Barkey, you lemme know if you find just the right chambray - I'm not opposed to shopping stateside :) Take care!

amy said...

Those boots make my knees quiver. I want them so much! I can imagine wearing them with floral dresses in the meadow of Spring.

Love your blog ^.^

sending you happy spells

Kari said...

Thanks for the message Amy :) I get weak in the knees over Frye boots every time I see a pair... they're just beautiful. You're right, these would be super cute with a floral dress - makes me eager for warmer weather and lighter layers!

The Bookness said...

Such a lovely blog. =)

Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

Kari said...

Thanks for the comment - I checked out your blog... looks like I'm your newest follower ;) Take care!