Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sunglasses - WetSeal
Blazer - F21
T-shirt/Cardi - Urban Behavior
Jeans - AE
Boots - Aldo
It was back to school yesterday after what felt like the world's quickest Christmas break... I blame Biology for making it feel like I had never left the building (talk about picking up where you left off).  Ha.  It's good to be back though and with one less class in the line-up, not to mention grad looming in spring, it *SHOULD* feel pretty great... right?!
Side bar:  How weird is it that I can even take outfit post photos outdoors right now?... no snow and mild weather DOES NOT happen around here in January (knock on wood, etc, etc).
Anyway, I'm working on the 2012 goals post for tomorrow... It's a bit o'this, bit o'that sorta list (disorganized is how I roll).  Then it's on to homework, cleaning, laundry, groceries, the gym and all that other stuff that's just gotta be done today.
Here goes Thursday.

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