Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm having a cozy sort of day... hunkered down, catching up on reading and homework.  These chilly winter days I'm all about the fireplace on, blankets, sweaters and warm beverages.  
The pics above are all from Sarah's House on HGTV (season three).  I'm certain this is her comfiest reno to-date.  It's the perfect farmhouse for a cozy country getaway... this season kinda made me wish my century-old home was in the country.  
Then again, this little town is about as quaint as you can get.
Homework day with a chai latte on order, topped off with yoga this evening... not so bad, for a Tuesday.


Olivia said...

This is TOO cute! Everything just meshes together soooo well! I love it! Please feel free to follow my blog...otherwise, keep blogging & I'll keep reading!

K said...

I thought I recognized that house! I loved that season (cycle?) of Sarah's House so much! I would've hunted down that house and bought it if it were affordable....and in Manitoba :)