Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty & Readable

I've confessed it here before: I'm a book junky.  
When I was a kid, I dreamed of someday owning a house with a library... with bookshelves from floor-to-ceiling and a sliding ladder.  I also dreamed of a pony and a mint green Fender Strat.  Funny how none of these things have quite panned-out.  Ha.  I guess I'm still working on the library - or, more realistically, at least a solid collection of pretty and readables.
I think this Emily Chalmers book looks like a lovely read and I'm thinking it will have to be the next book purchase... or maybe Santa read my wishlist and he'll pull through?!  
(Ahem, Ma).
I *THINK* I may have finished my painting order last night... well, nearly.  Just a few touch-ups left.  However, I haven't looked at it yet this morning - I'm just hoping I don't have my usual "hate it, hate everything about it" post-painting meltdown.  This feeling usually subsides within a day or two, but quite frankly, I have no time for the meltdown with SO much holiday fun to catch-up on.
Fingers, toes and whatever else crossed - here's hoping I've got all the loose ends tied up with it before long!

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