Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been thinking on these ideas all week and after the mild panic that happens when there's a new lot of syllabi lying around, I am certain that this is what needs to happen in 2012:
1.  Maintain Friday as 'project day' - this means nothing but coffee, painting, sewing or whatever other creative endeavour is crying for attention... there are 6 other days of the week for homework after all. 
2.  In the short term: complete the big project involving the photos from THIS shoot - which includes a blog makeover, listing a TON of pieces that are done and waiting to be sold in a new shop location and... the last part of this overhaul project is still a *SECRET* for now.
3.  Finish the 3 paintings currently on the dining room table and find more reasons to paint more often.
4.  I'll group the health goals all into one tidy package since it's all about adding variety to the running/weights scene: find another yoga class, so I'm practicing with instruction 2x/week; find a place to swim after school once a week.
5.  This last one is hard to summarize and will likely sound vague - but I've got a lot of decisions to make for the year, regarding next school year and business-wise too... I guess Goal #5 is to get this all sorted.  (Confused?  Me too.  Lol).
Hey! It's Friday and according to the goals for 2012, that means it's time to brew some espresso and enjoy an afternoon with those unfinished paintings.
Happy Friday ya'll!


K said...

Looks like a good set of goals :) FInding a place to swim might be tricky unless you start hitting up the UofM pool or another one in the city! Those projects sound like good times, it's always nice to make time to work on things that are enjoyable when you have to do things like homework, haha.

Kari said...

Lol - I'm thinking the lake is on the 'do not swim' list for the next few months, so definitely looking for somewhere in the city. I don't like the U of M pool either, so we'll see... As for the projects, I'm happy to have a little more time on my hands this semester - brain has been on overload with ideas for the last couple of months BUT been too busy to get into anything... Ah yes, the life of a student (you remember :) Take care K and Happy New Year!