Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gold & Guilt

I do have a another 2 rounds of oh-so-pretty party dresses to share with ya'll, but I had to start with the picks that fit my holiday color obsession: gold, bronze and pewter.  So warm and so beautiful.
TRUE LOVE, for sure.
So far, this student has only signed-up for a holiday party or two - hoping I start finding reasons to dress-up more often as the semester ends.  I am a sucker for dresses.  Any excuse to buy another will do just fine... any excuse at all.  Or, if I'm being honest, sometimes no excuse at all. 
(I'm ashamed, kind of).
Enough holiday dreaming for one morning - it's back to writing final papers for this girl.  There might just be a gingerbread latte 'incentive program' going on in my head... maybe.
Hope ya'll enjoy your Saturday!

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