Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You know how that rule about wearing white after Labor Day is so ridiculous?  That's how I feel about limiting the bohemian look to summer... ECLECTIC just feels right to me all year long, inside and out.  The outfit in the first post could absolutely be styled for a holiday party, the booted-wonder with the caravan would look even cozier if she threw on a pair of knitted tights... and the interiors?  Totally charming.
It's Wednesday already!
I'm running off to school to hand-in 2 of the LAST 6 assignments... not quite seeing the light yet, but I'm thinking I will be having a massive EXHALE a week from now.  
Time for this gal to coffee-up and hit the road...


Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Oh, i love these photos! What lovely inspiration :)

Kari said...

Me too... so lovely :)