Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sunglasses - American Eagle Outfitters
Tank - Forever 21
Bracelets - F21
Jeans - AE
Boots - Aldo
A quickie wardrobe post before I call it a night... 
Hope ya'll are having a good week so far!
--- OH and check out the Dove Tree feature on Danielle's blog if you have a chance  - Thanks Danielle! ---


Allison said...

i love those boots and that top!


Kari said...

Thanks Allison :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this outfit is amazing girl. just stumbled across your blog. love it!!
xo TJ

Kari said...

Thanks TJ! Funny you should say so... I just checked out your blog and loved it too. Take care!
xo K

Mrs.S said...

You have such a great sense of style=)Ilove it..new follower..

Kari said...

Why thank you, Mrs. S. :) And thanks for following! Take care!

Veni Vidi Vici said...

I need to know how come I am not finding such cute tops at F21. Guess it has something to do with my ADD and needing to get out of the store within 5 minutes of getting there...ha!

Kari said...

Haha Veni! I loved your comment... you really do have to 'dig' in that store sometimes and definitely spend at least 15 minutes next time ;)