Monday, September 19, 2011


Mmm, now that was a Sunday I'd like to do again... like, today.  
Sidenote: Gotta say, the 6:00am alarm bells were asking for a slap in the face today.  Oy.
Back to Sunday:  Kicked 'er off having coffee with friends.  Then found myself a sunny spot by the lake - reading textbooks on a sunny day is SO much more easily done lakeside.  Okay, I was mildly distracted... and fell asleep (but only briefly, I swear).  The outdoor time was topped off on a stroll with one of my very favorite girls and her two fur friends - shout-out to Lady Grier and Sir Greg :)
*ALMOST* halfway through the school day here and it's ALL good once you get the 'Case of the Mondays' outta the way, right?!


Lune Vintage said...

argh! You're so beautiful! Come to winnipeg and model for me one day please!

Kari said...

Ohhh, Jill. You're way too kind! (But you did make my day :)