Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After one last GREAT weekend of summer weather, September is here and it's all about finding a new routine.  I had a crazy-busy first full day of classes yesterday - outta the house at 6:45 am and home 12 hours later... that's just the story for Monday from now until December.  Everything is new and different this week, I'm just trying to figure how it all fits together over here - It would be about time to get back into the regularly (un)scheduled program.  So come on September, let's find our rhythm and get settled into fall!
Sleep wasn't happening last week and I hate HATE admitting this BUT, I was maybe a bit stressed too.  And now it would appear that it's all caught up with me and I'm having one of those totally sick sorta days.  Ick.  Doesn't happen often, so I'm crawling back into bed with a cup of tea and a mountain of textbooks to keep me company and hoping that it's all right and good tomorrow.
Until then,


Cindy said...

Good luck with everything, Kari! I feel you on school. It's so stressful sometimes.

Try to relax and take it each class and assignment at a time. :)

Kari said...

It's tough figuring out how to balance all the school work with regular life and the business... I'll get there though! Good advice Cindy... one thing/day/project at a time. And maybe a bubble bath/glass of wine somewhere in there too :)