Friday, September 16, 2011

Notes on Light

Hummin' along with ma tunes, watching the afternoon light and shadows as I work on an order... Kind of a peaceful end to the work day.


Baldwin Bunch said...

What do you use in your hair? I have long, thick, natural curly hair and I go though spurts of loving DeVa Curl and wanting totry new things. WHat is your hair process from wet to dry?

Kari said...

Hi there :) My hair care is super simple because I just hate wasting time trying to tame the untame-able! I wash it a few hours before bed (every other day) and use a leave-in conditioner and Moroccan Oil. If I'm in the mood for a bit more effort, I'll use a paste and twist the curls around my finger for more definition. Mostly, I just try to avoid the blow-dryer... and effort LOl