Friday, September 9, 2011

Been & Gone

HI THERE!  I've been MIA ALL week - but I'm back and with a country adventure, a quick 3-day road trip and a first day of grade 108 under my belt!  It's been a busy stretch around here, but I'm feeling pretty motivated by all the changes and (wow!) deadlines coming down the line.  
Let's start at the beginning...
Sunday of the long weekend was a perfect cozy afternoon for an excursion into the valley in search of pretty roadside foliage and dilapidated old buildings.  The pics above are from a yard site out in the sticks - check out that sweet diamond-shaped window (and yes there are interior pics to come).  I also stopped to photograph a school house while I was at it...
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent on the road with Ma and the sissy-poo - to and from Minneapolis for a little shopping fest.  The mission was successful... and is inspiring me to do a massive closet purge sometime soon (do you ever get that urge to just get rid of things?).
AND yesterday.  Yesterday marked the first day of what I'm calling 'grade 108' - simply because I am one of those perpetual students... never quite done, always picking away at it.  Well, fingers crossed, this is graduation year.  Just 2 semesters of classes left, so I'm back at it full time to git 'er done.  This may sound strange (and I may eat my words in the near future) but I really do like school.  I think I will especially like the class I had last night - an Art History class that sometimes meets at the gallery?!  Yes, please.
Luckily the sister is delivering caffeine soon - this is one of those supersuperbusy days where a work-out, yoga, shower and breakfast were all squared away by 8:30am.  AND HEY!  It's Friday, so Happy Weekend to ya'll!

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