Sunday, July 3, 2011


I found this post on Deanna's blog, Barefoot Love and wanted to share my version with ya'll...

-Daydream.  ALWAYS.
-Keep a look out for inspiration, you never know...
-Am drawn to character, charm, and whimsy
-Wonder what I should be when I grow up
-Wonder if I'll ever grow up
-Hope that I never do grow up

-Walk around town for hours without realizing how long its been
-Hold on, when I should let go
-Want to move somewhere consistently warm or consistently fashionable
-Forget how tall I am
-Feel like I'm too tall
-Love being too tall

-Know where I left my keys
-Wear high heels for anything but photos
-Skip dessert
-Want to live in a brand new house filled with brand new things
-Sing in front of anyone, but...
-Go a day without music

Thanks for the prompt Deanna... and to everyone else out there: What does your always.sometimes.never list look like?

--- And there I go again... another black and white photo. ---


Cindy said...

Ah I love this, Kari and Deanna's blog is sweet too! :)

I'm a big daydreamer as well...I don't think I'll ever "grow up". It's too fun to be child-like in some ways! :D And how tall are you? I'm pretty short at 5'0''

P.S. - Dessert is so necessary!! <3

K said...

I love this so much, and I'll take you up on that and try for my always.sometimes.never...

- enjoy browsing for inspiration, even if I don't use any of it
- love a good laugh
- hope for that "eventually" day
- am thinking. Not always about topics at hand, haha.
- have pictures in my head that never get drawn/painted

- forget how short I am ;)
- wish I could paint my apartment
- miss being a student
- want to start quilting
- forget why I got my first tattoo
- need to stop and remember why I got that first tattoo

- enjoy travelling if I don't have good music/conversation
- have blister-free feet. Sigh.
- have enough space for my books
- get to all of the things I've planned
- miss wearing formal work clothes
- have enough dresses

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

cute! I might do this!

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for siting me! I TOTALLY got that whole tall thing, most of the time I feel completely blessed by my height, but then other times and just like, "is it really necessary for me to be this tall? really??" wonderful post. ;D

Ashlee Dearie said...

Oh! I do so many of these things! Instead of never knowing where I left my keys, I can never for the life of me remember where I put down my cellphone! I'm constantly losing it! I love 'Always, Sometimes, Never.' In fact, I recently did a post on my blog about it:

Kari said...

The jury's out on my height, Cindy :) Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5'10" - 5'11"... Yikes! Lol.

K - great list and I also NEVER seem to have enough dresses... does anyone?!

Thanks for all the comments, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for everyone's Always, Sometimes, Never posts! Happy 4th of July to you ladies :)

emily-kallista said...

Love this look! i so miss summer!

Kari said...

Thanks Emily... I could use summer year-round myself! (I had to check out where you live to see why you weren't enjoying summer RIGHT NOW :)