Thursday, June 2, 2011


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I was doing a bit of an online browse this morning... thinking about interiors again (for whatever reason) and kept being drawn in by white washed walls, floors, furnishings, etc.  Looking around my studio there's a whole lotta white washed going on... floor boards, storage unit, frames for artwork and hmm, the very drafting desk I'm sitting at too.  I've been a long time lover of the painted-out-white look and I dream constantly about a huge studio space in a barn loft - white washed, of course!  White paint just tidies things up; it looks clean and crisp without hiding the character of exposed beams, planks and rough or decorative edges... Beautiful.
There's gonna be much, much more computer time for me today in attempts to resurrect the Etsy shop with new prices, a new look,  and some of the new pieces in the next few days.  
Latte + Toast + Divine Design = Lunch Break


Cindy said...

I love the white-washed,rustic look too. I used to get Pottery Barn catalogs as a kid (yeah, weird lol) just so I can see what new designs they had. They always had some type of variation on woodplanks!

P.S. - I'm a new follower! I've been in love with your stuff on Etsy forever and just found out you have a Blogger! :D

Kari said...

We must have a thing or two in common Cindy - Lol, I loved that catalog as a kiddo too! As an adult, I've graduated to Restoration Hardware catalogs :)
Thanks so much for following - I'm happy to have you reading along! Have a great weekend!

mandyface said...

this white is so fresh and charming!

Kari said...

I quite agree with you Mandy - it is charming :)