Monday, June 20, 2011


Sunglasses - Wet Seal
Dress - Forever 21
Bracelets - Forever 21
Sandals - Old Navy

Warm weather duds... these pics are from Saturday night, on my way to a girl friend's place for supper.  This dress is the perfect comfy-yet-cute summer wear AND it's even 'maxi' dress enough for all 5'10" + of me.
* Yup, lovely bathing suit tan lines are already making a showing.  Please excuse. *


Ashlee Dearie said...

OMG! I own those shoes! They're pretty awesome Also, I love the dress! It's the prettiest hue and I love the lacy peekaboo back! Lovely <3

Cindy said...

You look great, Kari! And I knew you were tall but wow! That's sweet, you could model! :D I'm 5 foot exactly... xD haha and I love that blue on you! :) happy you found a long enough dress!

Abbey said...

Stunning! I love, love, love that dress. The back is really beautiful.

Kari said...

Thanks gals - I'll definitely be getting some mileage outta this lil' number this summer :)

Jello said...

that's a really beautiful dress... and i completely adore the shows!


Kari said...

Thank you, Jello! The shoes are kinda hilarious - they make jingling noises when you move LOL... at least people can hear me coming!