Friday, June 3, 2011


Sunglasses - Wet Seal
Boyfriend Blazer - Urban Outfitters
Camisole - La Senza
Jeans - Wet Seal
Satchel - ModCloth

Hey-hey there Friday!  Whew, I've been waiting for this one : )  And it is gooorgeous outside, so I'm definitely going to enjoy a mojito and my hammock on the porch later this afternoon!  (You can check out my favorite mojito recipe here).  Hmm, other plans for the weekend include continuing to plug away at re-vamping the Etsy sitch, visiting friends and oh-so-much time will be spent gardening - hurray!  I cannot wait to clear-out the ruckus in the dining room and get it all planted.  You can bet there will be plenty o' plant pics to come in the next few months - I will pre-apologize for my obsession.
Happy Friday!


Jo-Ben said...

THATS IT! i have been looking at blazers online for days and this just pushed me over the edge... im buying one this weekend... doesnt it just pull a look together?! love the outfit lady.

Jo-Ben said...

AND that was obviously Amanda and not Jo-Ben but Im too lazy to delete that and write it again. :)

Cindy said...

I love the bag. Modcloth does have good purses!

Kari said...

Haha, AMANDA! I knew it was you... at least once I got to the part of the message where you called me 'lady' :) I mean, for all I know, Jo-Ben could have great taste in blazers LOL! Good luck in your hunt for the perfect blazer dolly! xo

And thanks Cindy! It's hard to pick just one of anything from ModCloth :)