Monday, June 20, 2011

Wardrobe: 7 Days of Summer

1. Fetching Femme Bra in Creme - ModCloth
2. Arcs and Recreation Top - ModCloth
3. Don't Forget Ring - ModCloth
4. Zaya round-frame acetate sunglasses - Oliver Peoples
5. Taupe of the Mornin' Shorts - ModCloth
6. Easy Strider Wedge - ModCloth
7. Vintage Tapestry Carpet Purse - ModCloth

A little somethin' femme and floral for Monday - bralettes, braids and brochade pair perfectly with the carpet bag prints of the wedge shoes and the clutch.
There's lots of planning, emailing and photo editing on the docket for this gal today... and I'm perfectly content to be at my desk on this cloudy day after a weekend of PERFECT weather and lots and lots and lots of outdoor time...
I'm going to start this Monday afternoon the right way - latte in-hand ma left hand, mouse in my right!


Ashlee said...

The Bra, The Bag, & The Bracelet have all stolen my heart! Thank you for posting such lovely summer finds <3

Kari said...

Glad you liked the post Ashlee! Hope to see ya around here again :)