Monday, June 13, 2011


Last week I mentioned that I spent alllll of my waking hours outdoors on the weekend, and that I had done a wee makeover on the back porch... Well folks, here it is.  I used a lot of my existing decorative goodies, added some wood tile flooring, a new door mat and moved some of my indoor tropicals out to green things up a little.  It's kinda incredible how much the flooring changes the whole porch - it just looks sooo much cleaner than that ratty old 'carpet' ever could.  Mmm, I do love the outdoor months.  
Today is gonna be a crazy-busy office day... SO much time will be spent at the computer.  My incentive to pound through it all - a lovely couple of sewing days to follow (er, and nights if the weather allows for some photo shoots during daylight hours).
Clearly coffee will be happening.  Um, NOW : )
--- Please excuse the 'me' in the "before" shot... Seems the only pics I have of this part of the house are for "what.i.wore" posts ---


Cindy said...

Awe Kari this is awesome! That's such an amazing job. Kudos!

I really love the wood tile flooring! It really adds so much more character. It's great! :)

Abbey said...

Your porch is so beautiful, Kari! It must be such a lovely place to sit in Summer. The wood tile flooring looks amazing!

PS. Thanks for posting the photos of the creek the other day. When I saw them, I knew I had to go take some photos of it, myself! I think they turned out quite nicely. :)

Holly said...

i just came across your blog, and you are adorable! your designs have a great feminine touch to them, love!

stop and visit me any time!

Kari said...

Thanks to all of you gals for your comments and props on the porch do-over :)

I love your photos Abbey - are you planning a career in photography? If not... Well, you probably should! Yes, apparently I am now a guidance counsellor too ;)

Thanks for the love, Holly. I will definitely be checking out your blog!

Abbey said...

Kari - Thank-you so much! I'm glad you like my photos. I would really love to be a professional photographer someday. Any career that will let use my creativity on a daily basis sounds good to me. :)

pamwares said...

nice little porch...i love the little sit. I have 2 of those and this is the first time I have ever seen another one. I painted the bamboo canvas backs. they look pretty cool. anyways - have a fabulous weekend...

Kari said...

Thanks for commenting - I have another of those chairs tucked away too :) Hope you're having a great Friday!