Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is a real inside scoop here - what I wear on soggy days spent locked up in my workspace sewing my heart out.  It's all about these 3 components when I'm busy in the zone:
-Flexibility: I'm addicted to cross-legged sitting (when my foot isn't on the gas), so it's tights or yoga pants here. 
-Comfort: Slacker cotton shoes with hemp soles will do just fine, paired with clothing in cozy fabrics like knits, cottons and wool.
-Un-Fussy-ness: For me, the mop ends up in my face often so my hair is UN-styled in what I call my "Whitney Port Bauble" (to keep it OUT OF MY WAY of course) and then there's the specs for those times I forget to blink (oh, and to help me see those teeny tiny stitches).
*** Just a note: I'm not actually mad in the first photo, it just looks that way when I squint.
*** Just another note: Sorry to give you a heart attack Mama-Gracie - I know you never wanted 3 Kari's (it's just an illusion, give your head a shake lady).
And in case there's something you dig about this lazy ensemble, here's the info:
Necklace - Forever 21
T-shirt - Target
Sweater - Urban Behavior
Tights - Dynamite
Slip-ons - Forever 21
Alright, now I'm just procrastinating... back up to the sewing factory!


K said...

Looks like a good working outfit :) I like the vest!

Kari said...

Thanks to ya, Miss Kaeleigh ;)

whileshedreams said...

i love dressing in this style... SO comfy. any outfit that includes my toms + leggings + a messy bun is a win in my book, but somehow you make it look 10x more sophisticated.


p.s. i pinned one of your outfits on my pinterest style board, so others can get inspired by you too ;)

Kari said...

Ohhh Heather! I checked out your pinterest style board... I'm addicted. I think you will be to blame for some time well-wasted today ha ;) Thanks for the pins dear girl!