Monday, May 9, 2011


Finally.  Finally, the world outside my window is coming alive again.  It's been a late start this year, which makes the green peeking through everywhere all the more sweet.  I just had to sneak out for a bit on Friday to capture my yard at this stage.  There are blooms and buds everywhere you look, the trees are leafing-out and the birds are chirping... *happy sigh.*
It's supposed to be a wee bit soggy here this week - which is fine by me, sunshine only distracts me and BOY do I ever have a lot to do before the trunk show next week.  Reviewing the to-do list makes me instantly anxious, so I won't get into it... I WILL get the coffee going and get back to the cut-cut-press-sew-cut rhythm on this rainy Monday morning.  The weekend with the girls was relaxing, wine fest was great and I got some hammock time in yesterday - so I'm refreshed and ready to get at the week!

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