Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L I P { 6 }

I've never really been into spending big money on make-up... especially lipsticks and glosses because hey! I don't ever want to be limited to just one!  At $6/pop, these JOE brand lip lovelies are a steal and they come in all sorts of pretty hues.  These are the six that I'm currently cycling through... The everyday choice lately has been the 'honey' gloss.  It's just so versatile - love it!
Couple more hours of work left for me tonight... can't wait to share pics of the tops, dresses and skirts that are coming together up in the sew-shop : )  Soon.
Nighty night!


Carmelle said...

Before I read the post I chose 'honey' as my favorite too...gonna have to check that one out myself :)

Kari said...

Do, do! It's my favorite for sure - super natural and goes with everything! I'll probably go through a few of those this summer :)