Friday, May 27, 2011


* All images from Pinterest *

"Old" has always inspired me.  As a kid, I would beg my dad take me out to his different farm yards on Sunday afternoons to explore the old outbuildings and have other such vintage-y adventures.  There are two buildings in particular that I could never get enough of... one, an old abandoned farmhouse, was completely stripped by antiquing thieves (hmm) and has since been dismantled.  The other was a workshop on a different yardsite.  There were trails of what looked like arrows embedded in the cement floor that I loved to follow... to no end.  As it turns out, these were actually the foot prints of some ancient chicken - what can I say, my imagination has always been in fine form : )
I'm still infatuated with all things old... and I still have a favorite old building on the farm.  Yup, you guessed it -  a barn.  A beautiful old used-to-be-white barn.  What inspires me there is the history behind the building, the wide plank floors in the loft, the MASSIVE beams running every which way, the old iron hardware, the wavy glass and the weather-beaten paint.  It's just OLD and it's just BEAUTIFUL.
And now that I'm thoroughly inspired and primed to draw... off I go!


clar said...

oh my gosh! this is where i need to live!

Kari said...

Silly Clar... you already spend your life in a barn. Just tell your horsies to move on over, mama's bunkin' down LOL! Love you and your cowgirl ways little lady, lasso and all :)