Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Blue Skies, Yellow Trees"

Hmm, I guess this is about as rebellious as I get - blue + yellow = green.  Oh my.  Yeah, so this piece took up  exactly half of my display space at the WAC "Green" show.  It is a big fella (check out the specs here).   
I'm going to spend this icky Sunday trying to avoid looking out the window because EW it SNOWED last night.  I find it so disturbing that it was 20 degrees out on Friday (that's celsius for you American folks) and somehow snowing on Saturday.  
Welcome here May.  Hopefully some of you out there are having a warm and sunny May Day!


Amanda Barkey said...

LOVE the painting. you are one talented lady! mmmmm about the weather... im not down. come visit me.

Kari said...

Thanks A.Barks! Man, would I ever LOVE to be visiting you today! I'm sure there's some yummy baking in the kitchen and sunshine outside the window :) I put on a pot of coffee here and I'm making it a work day so that the next beautiful day I can relax outdoors, guilt-free. Bribery, works every time lol. Take care!

K said...

Beautiful painting :) I love your style!

Kari said...

Thanks Kaeleigh :)

emily-kallista said...

I love your style of painting! just gorgeous

Kari said...

Thanks so much Emily!