Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stack O' Fabric

I guess this counts as a sneak peek at what's coming down the line for Dove Tree... Last Thursday I headed 'er into the city to do a BIG fabric run.  As in, *hopefully* well-stocked enough now to hold me over until uhhh, June.  So.  This is the palette that's inspiring creations around here these days - all of my favorite hues and textures.  I'll announce what all the sewing hoopla is about later this week - eee!  I'm so excited about this project and can't wait to share the details!
Yesterday was the BEST day off.  I didn't even get around to finishing that sewing project, and I managed to avoid checking my email from noon until this morning (inserting pat on the back here).  I had coffee with a girl friend, followed by a looong walk with two other gals and our travelling circus: 3 dogs, 2 babies, juggling coffee.  Impressive, I know.  It was SO nice out that I couldn't stop walking and really took the extended route home... somehow I made it to supper on time and had a great evening relaxing with the fam.  And a good run after dark to top it off.  
I'm not sure how today can compete?!  Ha, yoga and vino tonight should help!


K said...

Looks like some beautiful stuff on deck and ready to be transformed :) Can't wait for the sewing post!

hollysarah said...

those colors are dreamy! The lace caught my eye... so pretty. Can't wait to see what's new for Dove Tree!