Saturday, April 9, 2011

Notes for a Soggy Saturday




Photography by: Paige Newton
Rooster Ceramics by: Leah Duncan

Just spreading a little love this Saturday... these photos are a collaboration by two incredible talents in the art world.  You can check out more of their individual projects at the credit links above.  I'm loving the contrast of all of the glass with the rustic quality of the barn setting - just beautiful!  I know it's a wedding shoot set, but I'd be happy to move right in : )
It's a soggy and gray spring day around here, so I'm heading towards the paints with a latte in-hand.  Trying to decide whether to just go at it for fun or with the intent to show the piece at the WAC "GREEN" show next week?!  
Paint now, think later?  Now that sounds like my kinda plan.
Hope ya'll are having the very best of Saturdays!

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