Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Naked and Famous

My first encounter with The Naked and Famous was with "Young Blood"... since then, I've listened to the Passive Me, Aggressive You album overandoverandover.  I officially LOVE the entire album.  Aside from the songs posted here, I'm also partial to "Eyes."  Yeah.  These tunes are all making the regularly scheduled program around here.  
Today is random here-and-there for me: ordering clothing racks from Ikea, paint touch-ups and labeling my pieces for the WAC show this weekend - for some reason I DREAD pricing and waffle on it for hours.  Ick.  Even though there is a bit of a formula as far as the material costs and the whole living wage factor, there's always the nagging question of what value someone else would assign to said piece.  I won't even get into the whole personal attachment aspect of it... Anyone wanna come over and do this part for me today? 
In other news, I am also going to spring clean my car.  And yes, I'm excited about that - because I just do love tire foam.  
Enjoy the tunes and let's go Thursday.
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 --- AND!  Just in case you're not convinced, here's another for the road:

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