Saturday, April 30, 2011


OK!  So.  The reason for all of the sewing madness lately is two-fold: one part May, one part June.  The June project is under wraps for now... But the May news is fair game.  I'm super excited to take part in my first ever fashion show of any kind!  I'll be setting up a booth for the Winnipeg Fashion Incubator launch event on May 19th (details here).  It's going to be a great night!  The show is trunk-style, so come on out and shop local Manitoba designers directly.  
Eee, I'm 100% nervous but SO looking forward to the night!
Back to the studio...
--- The image above is one of my first attempts at digitally designing, so no judgments please : ) I've improved since, promise... Can't give away all of my secrets just yet! --- 


Jaimee said...

Ooh! That sounds fabulous! Is it open to the public, or an invite only type of thing? I'd love to go!

Kari said...

I believe it's open to the public - it would be great to see you :) I can't wait to see everyone's creations!

K said...

Oooooh exciting!! That's so awesome, I definitely want to take a stroll through this!