Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Prairie Landscape"

Once again, I have gone just wild with naming this piece.  I'm crazy like that, don't even try to reign me in people.  This was a last minute addition to the group of pieces that I showed at the green-themed art show last week.  AND IT IS GREEN.  Prairie Landscape is painted on re-purposed particle board and the frame was formerly a golden train wreck from the thrift shop.  My most favorite thing about this painting?  I painted the sky using my fingers and hands... and arms.  Honestly, there was paint up to my elbows, so perhaps I've one-upped the local kindergarten class with my method. 
The day here is looking like a little homework, lunch and curtain inspection with a girly friend and then a run into Winnipeg for fabric so that I can catch up on sewing over the long weekend.
And I'm off.


K said...

MUCH love for this piece! I love the look you achieved with fingers, hands, and arms :) It looks phenomenal! I've been looking forward to some arty posts of what you entered at the show.
Also, imagining that frame in gold makes me a little queasy. I'm glad you found it and gave it a just couldn't go on being gold. Yikes.

Carmelle said...

Oh Kari, I'm sure you're tired of this comment - "I love everything you put your hands to"...but its sooo true! love.

Kari said...

Lol, Kaeleigh! Seriously, laughing out loud at your gold frame comments... too funny!

And Carmelle, I'm never ever sick of your comments. You always make my day with your sweet self and kind words! Always. So, thank you, seriously.