Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter S.O.S.

Help!  I'm drowning in Mini Eggs and other Easter delights.  I took these yummy photos promptly before I started devouring these 'cake-pops' or 'cake-sicles' (you decide).  These holiday goodies were made by my sweet friend Ariel... and boy, are they ever deee-licious!  I'm sure there's about a million calories per, but good golly are they ever tasty.  I won't give away all of Ariel's secrets, but let's just say there's some cake-y goodness underneath all of that chocolate coating and decorative icing.  They're beautiful and festive to top it off - nice work Little Miss Ariel : )
On that note, it's off to Gram's with me for lunch.  I'm walking for sure.  And taking the extra looong way home because G'ma D. won't let you leave until you're visibly stuffed.  Ha, cute little Gramma.
Wish me luck rolling home... Oy!


K said...

I made cake pops once for a work Hallowe'en bake-off...they're tricky, but so much fun to look at and eat! Those are some cute treats :) I see that Ariel had foam to put the sticks in....which was definitely my downfall, haha.

Kari said...

Not just any foam - hot pink foam :) And she planted them in a little green bucket too - so super festive. What a clever lil chicken hey?

K said...

Very perfectly spring-themed!