Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thrifting for Gold:

Confessions of a Thrift Shop Junky

(The pic of various thrifted shoes is from ISLY blog)
I used to have a problem.  Sometimes I still do.  I was a thrift shop addict of the worst variety - as in, could NOT leave anything with "potential" behind.  Some of the items stashed at my parent's house are a testament to this phase which, mind you, spanned the better part of a decade... I still maintain that I will get use out of those goods (mostly furniture) at some point.  I'm better now, for the most part.  I try really hard to be choosy and realistic about the amount of undecorated space in my house, the quality of the item and hey, even the necessity (logic, who knew?!).
These black and white beauties were too good to pass by - considering they look unworn (inside and out), were dirt cheap and I've been contemplating a pricey pair in the same style for a looong time.  Now I just need a pair of floral knee socks and I'm good to go for spring footwear.  Ohhh, I cannot wait for warmer days, dresses and socks and lighter layers. 
Today, I'm holdin' down the fort at Bloom then some gym time and just a LITTLE bit more Pride & Prejudice to get through.  I will officially be avoiding working out the legs much today, after that yoga fit class last night - my backside thanks you for the pain, Jamie ; )
*** Count down to beach vacation: 25 days ***


Morgan said...

I LOVE those shoes. So cute. Glad you found them at such a reasonable price.

K said...

Beach vacation! Lucky you :) I can't wait to see the pics from that!
Those are adorable shoes, and it's nice that you got them for a steal instead of having to fork over tons of cash. Styles like that go at a pretty penny these days.