Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let Go

I'm always yammin' on about great lyrics when I share music and it was recently brought to my attention that not everyone can decipher the lyrics the first (second, third) time they hear a tune.  I was kinda baffled at this, but then I got to thinking about all of the things that aren't organic for me... like remembering numbers (ugh, tell me your digits 10x and maybe they'll sink in).  I think I was twenty-five before I could remember my social insurance number... I still forget my voice mail pin and don't even ask what my license plate reads.  
Guess we're all just wired differently.  When I think about what comes naturally to me, I think it's mostly visual and usually color plays into it in a big way.  I can remember details about faces, rooms, etc easily.  I never stress over what colors/textures/patterns look good together - combinations either work for me or not.  I've realized that this can all be used to advantage - like when I'm studying or writing a paper I can more easily recollect my notes if they were color-coded... or like last week, when my brush settings were messed up on Photoshop - mental recall of what shapes were in the setting boxes and back on track.  Not claiming photographic memory or anything that complicated here, I just think it's sa-weet that we all come equipped with strengths and a skill set that we can use to be our best self.
Wow, that was quite the tangent.  After all of that, my point was that today I'm sharing the lyrics to this song by Everest instead of just sayin' that I like 'em.
May I come in?
My old friend
You're looking thin
Do you feel alright?
There's somethin'
I wanna say
Let Go
Oh I know we're gonna make it tonight
Tomorrow will be alright
Let Go
Let Go
And I know we're gonna make it tonight
Tomorrow will be alright
Let Go
Let Go
So take a breath
My dear friend
Take it slow
And let go
And rise again
You're not done yet
I know
Let Go

Simple lyrics, but good and who doesn't need this sorta reminder every now and again?  Carry on, right?!  Yip.
--- And now that I'm thinking on it, what things just come naturally for you?  How do you use 'em to your advantage?  I'm curious :


Jaimee said...

I remember that always happening at Pier 1. I'd start laughing at Lyrics, or make a comment on how inappropriate they were for Pier 1, and other associates would look at me boggled. After listening to those CD's on repeat for a month, I was surprised no one ever listened to the lyrics!

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