Saturday, March 26, 2011

¡Hasta Luego!


Hey everyone!  It's here: vacation time!  I just wanted to say a big thanks to ya'll for stopping by.  Even though I'll be away, there will still be some posting going on... travel photo posts on some of my favorite cities to visit.  So be sure to check-in now and again over the week.
Be back to my regular old ways around here after April 4th - until then, goodbye my loves : )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guest Blog Teaser...

Today I had the pleasure of guest blogging for Lauren on her beautiful blog, Lauren's Love & Laughter.  The post is all about must-have accessories.  These pics are just a sampler, so head on over and check out all the rest of the goodies here : )
Thanks to Lauren for the chance to share!
'Til tomorrow,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let Go

I'm always yammin' on about great lyrics when I share music and it was recently brought to my attention that not everyone can decipher the lyrics the first (second, third) time they hear a tune.  I was kinda baffled at this, but then I got to thinking about all of the things that aren't organic for me... like remembering numbers (ugh, tell me your digits 10x and maybe they'll sink in).  I think I was twenty-five before I could remember my social insurance number... I still forget my voice mail pin and don't even ask what my license plate reads.  
Guess we're all just wired differently.  When I think about what comes naturally to me, I think it's mostly visual and usually color plays into it in a big way.  I can remember details about faces, rooms, etc easily.  I never stress over what colors/textures/patterns look good together - combinations either work for me or not.  I've realized that this can all be used to advantage - like when I'm studying or writing a paper I can more easily recollect my notes if they were color-coded... or like last week, when my brush settings were messed up on Photoshop - mental recall of what shapes were in the setting boxes and back on track.  Not claiming photographic memory or anything that complicated here, I just think it's sa-weet that we all come equipped with strengths and a skill set that we can use to be our best self.
Wow, that was quite the tangent.  After all of that, my point was that today I'm sharing the lyrics to this song by Everest instead of just sayin' that I like 'em.
May I come in?
My old friend
You're looking thin
Do you feel alright?
There's somethin'
I wanna say
Let Go
Oh I know we're gonna make it tonight
Tomorrow will be alright
Let Go
Let Go
And I know we're gonna make it tonight
Tomorrow will be alright
Let Go
Let Go
So take a breath
My dear friend
Take it slow
And let go
And rise again
You're not done yet
I know
Let Go

Simple lyrics, but good and who doesn't need this sorta reminder every now and again?  Carry on, right?!  Yip.
--- And now that I'm thinking on it, what things just come naturally for you?  How do you use 'em to your advantage?  I'm curious :

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

April Announcement...

Just a quick lil' update for today and back with more tomorrow... I will be participating in a 'green' themed art show in April (click on the ad below to enlarge the details).  I'm super excited to get to spend a weekend with a bunch of great local artists and musicians.  For sure come out if you're local - or hey, road trip if you're not!  This is maybe part of the January/February painting obsession I had going on... but I think I'm ready to go for this one now - barring any unforeseen last minute freak-outs or brainwaves : )

Monday, March 21, 2011

Puddle Jumpers

1. Pelican Plaid Rubber Boots - Sperry
2. Jumbled Birds Umbrella - Marc by Marc Jacobs
3. Corina Rain Boot - Western Chief
4. Black/White/Modern Red Umbrella - Kate Spade New York
5. Red Flower Fields Rain Boots - Ruche
6. New Dots Automatic Walker Umbrella - Moschino
7. Lace-Up Rain Boot - BCBG
8. Animal Print Border Birdcage Umbrella - Linea
9. Original 'Tall' Rain Boot - Hunter
10. Guy de Jean 16 Baleines Multifleurs - Jean Paul Gauthier
11. Women's Rain Boot 1011487 - Chooka
12. Newspaper Umbrella - London Undercover
13. Women's English Rain Boot - dav
14. Splash of Sunshine Umbrella in Yellow - ModCloth

I'm sitting here at my desk looking out the window at one SLOPPY mess of a world out there.  I would basically need any and all of the above items just to make it to my car at this point.  As grey as the day out there is, I do kinda love it because it reads 'spring'... well, pre-spring at least.  You can't ever really tell in this province.  Sadly, it has snowed on my (May) birthday three times in the span of my 27 years.  
(Do I need to knock on wood or toss some salt or something?  I feel like I just asked for a not-so-happy birthday storm...)  
There's a whole lot to do this week and only 6 sleeps until vacation!  I'm thinking that between all the blogging, designing, packing, appointments, homework, laundry, etc that's going on, the week is going to completely FLY.
Hope Monday is good to ya'll!
--- What's your favorite boot/umbrella pairing?  I was thinkin' one for each day of the week... today I'm feeling less cutesy, so I'm liking the combo of 7 & 8 a lot. ---

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring & Summer 2011

1. Denim Shorts - True Religion
2. Gardenia Silk Top - Adam Tops
3. The Latest Buzz Tank - ModCloth
4. Gitte Floral Print Silk-Satin T-Shirt - Erdem
5. Little Lovin' Shorts - ModCloth
6. Comics Section Shorts - ModCloth
7. Garnish with Mint Top - ModCloth
8. Eyelet Myself Dream Shorts - ModCloth
9. Ruffle Reform Bloomers - ModCloth
10. Ron Zipped Suede Top - IRO
11. Beach House Brunch Dress - ModCloth
12. Moxie to the Maxi-Dress - ModCloth
13. Knitwear Black - Diane Von Furstenberg

Just a lil' fashion for your Friday... Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leah Duncan

One of my favorite artists has just launched her new website and it is definitely worth a check out.

... And in other exciting news - some of her work will be sold in t-shirt form at Target stores soon.  I can't wait to see these goodies.  I actually have this feather design on a toss cushion in my living room, it's totally gorgeous.  Yup, I love her work.  Just do.
'til tomorrow friends,

Pie N' The Sky Feature

The lovely Melisa of Pie N' The Sky has a little Dove Tree feature on her blog right now - lottsa pics and about me sorta info.  Check it out here.
Back with more later!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekender

I got madly infatuated with my new process for hammering out my design sketches on Friday afternoon. Aside from a quick trip to the gym at supper time, I hibernated up in my lair all night working on a drawing.  There was some sorta freakish March snowstorm going on outside, so it was a perfect night to hide upstairs and watch it all go down outside my studio windows, while I worked away with a glass of wine, listening to the wind and my tunes.  
Kind of was a great sort of night (although, of course, I can always do without snow).
Saturday was a bit more work, errands, emails and reading for my course.  There also may have been some cookie baking and then it was off to supper with two of my favorite soon-to-be-marrieds.  Sooo excited for their wedding - only 12 days left on the countdown to Dominican!
Sunday was a bit of a Dominican to-do list day in the city with my fam.  It occurred to me that I haven't bought a pair of shorts in years (more of a skirt/dress gal here)  - so it was a mission for shorties mostly and a few other odds and ends.  I actually found two pairs that I like and I swear I will wear them in lieu of a skirt, for real : )  Topped the trip off with some sushi and I was smiling for sure.
Monday so far has been online errands, and there's few more of those before I get back to the e-sketches this afternoon. I'm so excited to get back to work that I might not even need any coffee today - whaaa?!  Actually, I'm just generally excited with some new goals and prospects that randomly popped up this weekend - more on that when I have details...
Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lions in Cages

Great lyrics, great tune - it's definitely making my beach list for the upcoming hot vacay.  Only 15 more days until beach and sun!  I will say, if I were to make a video for this song, it would be more of a rooftop dance party sorta scene... I realize that's not the goal here, but that's what happens in my head when I hear this song.
I'm super pumped to say that I figured out a much more efficient (and consistent) way to  produce my design illustrations yesterday afternoon.  I will give up my stubborn pencil, ink and paper ways - well, not completely, but for final drafts for sure!  SO good.  Once I work out a few of the kinks I'll share an image or two.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Max Straw Fedora

1. Max Straw Fedora - Eugenia Kim
2. Cultured Pearl Ball Pendant Necklace - John Lewis
3. Black Heart Necklace -
4. Pearl Ring -
5. Sheer Stripe Womens Top - Full Tilt
6. Large Glamour Frame Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana 
7. Red Floral Zip Pocket Vest - Topshop
8. Lacey Comfort Bandeau in Gray - Ruche
9. Army Rucksack - Y's by Yohji Yamamoto
10. Curvy Destructed Dark Wash Denim - Aeropostale
11. Blush - Camilla Skovgaard

I kinda went ahead and picked some personal summer favorites for this look.  I am a huge fan of sheer fabrics and cropped styles for warm weather... but I'm still a layers junky at heart.  This look has it all for me: sheers, cropped lengths, stripes, florals, comfort AND layers.  Sign me up!  I also like mixing trends.  Florals and stripes are two easy patterns to layer-up and blend without much effort.  
Alright, that does it for the week of the Mad Hatter wardrobe posts.  Love it or hate it?
More spring and summer trends to come soon... 'cause I just haven't gotten my fill.  Perhaps a little somethin' else for tomorrow morning though.  Give ya'll a break from the fashion madness happening in my mind.

A Cloche Call Hat

1. Secret Gardenia Dress - ModCloth
2. Amazonite and Gold Vermeil Earrings -
3. A Cloche Call - ModCloth
4. Clementine Sunglasses - Kate Spade
5. Coral Leather Bow Make Up Bag - Topshop
6. Oval Heirloom Locket - J.Crew
7. Knotted Espadrille Wedges - Forever 21

First off, kudos to ModCloth for always coming up with such clever names for their products.  I took my direction for this outfit from the bow on the A Cloche Call hat from ModCloth.  There aren't too many things that are more girly than bows, flowers and springy pastels.  This whole grouping reads as very pretty and sweet.  Really, it is a simple combination achieved with creamy colors and repetition (especially of the bow shape).  I'll end by proclaiming my love for Kate Spade eyewear.  I don't know that I've ever been so consistently drawn to one designer before - she has nailed the specs category.
Only one more hat/outfit post for the week - back with that later today.  For now, on with Thursday (where are these weeks disappearing to?)... emails and desk work to be followed by coffee and sewing for me today.  Yes, sewing.  For real, it is high time to dig in.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun Hat

1. White Daisy Embroidered Front Crop Blouse - Topshop
2. De Pizan Pendant - ModCloth
3. Fun in the Sun Hat - ModCloth
4. BDG Canvas Satchel - Urban Outfitters
5. The Necklace Aquatic - ModCloth
6. Timeshare Shorts - ModCloth
7. Paiigge Gladiator Sandals - Steve Madden
8. Spicoli 4 Shades - Vans
9. Loop Patches Hinge Checkbook Wallet - Urban Outfitters

There's a little country charm in this garden-inspired ensemble.  The Fun in the Sun Hat from ModCloth could certainly do double duty as a head covering when you're weeding the geraniums ; )  These lightweight fabrics are perfect for warm weather.  The shorts provide a versatility uncommon to most summer bottoms - they could easily be dressed up with heels and a change of top and accessories.  I'm also liking the way the eyelet top and woven gladiators mimic one another with their peek-a-boo effect.  Cute. 
6 outta 8 done and done.  
Check back tomorrow for the last two hat inspired outfits. 

Tour the Town Hat

1. Whatever Floats Your Feathers Dress - ModCloth
2. Tour the Town Hat in Black - ModCloth
3. Tubular Thick Chain Rope -Topshop
4. Black Milan Clutch Bag - J by Jasper Conran
5. Zaya Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses - Oliver Peoples
6. Knot and Stone Bracelet - Urban Outfitters
7. Pressley Cap Toe Heel - Michael Kors

I don't really 'do' the super pulled together look all that often myself, but this hat screams planned sophistication.  Coordinated is actually quite simple to pull-off when you look for items with smooth, similar textures and a monochromatic color scheme.  In this case, I opted for a hit of color with the dress.  It definitely makes a statement when worn with black and white accessories.  On another note, I'm totally infatuated with the Knot and Stone Bracelet.
That's a fancy way of saying this week is leaving me in the dust.  I just cannot catch up!  Here's to trying ; )

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fondness for Fedoras in Gray

1. Asymmetric Silk Top - Julie Haus
2. Chain Post Earrings - Urban Outfitters
3. Knot and Anchor Pendant Necklace - Urban Outfitters
4. Womens MB221 Oversized Sunglasses - Mont Blanc
5. Fondness for Fedoras in Gray - Ruche
6. Do You Really Want to Skirt Me in Stripe - ModCloth
7. Printed Weekender Luggage - Kimchi Blue
8. Hoopa T-Bar Sandals - Topshop

The Fondness for Fedoras hat from Ruche can be worn with any of the pattern/print trends for the season.  I the nautical jewelry that's around for spring, so I based the outfit around this great Knot and Anchor Pendant.  The floral weekend bag gives some relief from the nautical theme.  The rest of the outfit is pure comfort; the skirt is unfussy and the t-shirt keeps the preppy factor in-check. It's the perfect outfit to throw in your weekend bag or to wear out to a casual Sunday brunch.
Halfway there - more hats and wears tomorrow.

Nubby Panama Hat

1. Urban Renewal Vintage Enameled Navajo Necklace - Urban Outfitters
2. Unisex DQ0006 Aviator Sunglasses - DSquared2
3. Nubby Panama Hat - Urban Outfitters
4. Wool Jive Scarf - Nicholas K
5. Native Beauty Strapless Dress - Ruche
6. PS1 Large Leather Satchel - Proenza Schouler
7. Leather Weaves Belt - Ruche
8. Western Sunset Cowboy Boots - Ruche
9. Decadent Swanky Ring Moonstone - Nashelle
10. Geometric Chain Bracelet - Urban Outfitters

There are a lot of directions you could go with the Nubby Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters.  The first that came to be was a sort of bohemian influenced look - a personal favorite for 3 out of 4 seasons.  A key to mastering that earthy feel is in the materials you select.  In this case I went with cotton, leather, metal and moonstone.  Embellishments such as embroidery and beading in tribal-look patterns and jewelry designs help to pull it all together and define the style.
I love this sort of style when I'm traveling - Where do you see yourself wearing an outfit like this?
--- For the record: As much as I love U.O. - what is up with the name of this hat?  I get that it's about the texture, but I am not a fan of the word 'nubby.'  Just sayin'. ---

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hat Me at Hello

1. Hat Me at Hello - ModCloth
2. Sheer Stripe Womens Top Cream - Full Tilt
3. Printed Silk Satin Tank - Erdem Athea
4. Ten Gallon Necklace - Modcloth
5. Oversized Stretch Watch - Urban Outfitters
6. Caroline Sandals - Rebecca Minkoff
7. Denim Shorts - Sass & Bide
8. Cream Nautical Tent Beach Bag - Debenhams
9. Butterfly Square-Frame Metal Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham
10. Candace Ang Taupe Isis Bracelet - Urban Outfitters

Look number, two based on the Hat Me at Hello fedora from ModCloth, has two important elements that make the outfit super versatile: the silk top and the sandals.  A silk top can be like a piece of art.  In this case I chose a dark but bright version that anchors the rest of an otherwise light hued ensemble.  This outfit can easily transition to evening wear if the shorts are replaced with skinny white cargo pants and the sweater swapped out for a colorful cardigan.  The gorgeous Caroline sandals are the perfect multi-tasking footwear since they add a bit of glam-factor to an otherwise laid back look and can seamlessly go from daytime to nighttime wear.  I have a version of this outfit put together in my closet and I'm waiting (rather impatiently) for warm weather so I can break it out.
2 outfit posts down, 6 to go... 
Until tomorrow friends,

Staring at Stars Ranger Hat

1. Mesh One-Sleeve Sweater - Alexander Wang
2. Animal Print Aviator Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana
3. Leather and Tweed Cuff Bracelet - Urban Outfitters
4. Candace Ang Isis Bracelet - Urban Outfitters
5. Staring at Stars Ranger Hat - Urban Outfitters
6. Leather Wrap Bracelet -
7. Ex Boyfriend Jean - American Eagle
8. Mustard Floral Print Suntop - Topshop
9. Multi-color Feather Earrings -
10. Messenger Bag -
11. University Espadrille Yellow Canvas - TOMS

The first outfit of the week is based around the Staring at Stars Ranger Hat from Urban Outfitters.  While looking pulled together, this outfit still reads largely as casual and unfussy.  Wrap bracelets are big for this upcoming season and I figure if you're doing it, go all out.  This combination of bracelets all have a similar feel with leather and bead-work, which keeps the lot of them from looking overdone.  Boyfriend jeans have that perfectly worn-in feel and paired with TOMS, couldn't be more comfortable.  I love this effortless look for Saturday morning coffee and errands on-the-go.
Back with another hat-based wardrobe post later in the day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mad Hatter Lives On...

The next few days will be dedicated to coordinating outfits styled around The Mad Hatter post I made last Friday (here).  The goal is two outfit posts per day until Thursday and then a little somethin' else fashion-y for Friday.  We'll call it a blog fashion week of sorts... I'm excited, there's not a whole lot I like more than compiling pretty duds.
G'night Moon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Mad Hatter

...Just a few of my favorite warm-weather head-coverings.  In fact, 1,2 & 4 almost had me doing some early morning online shopping.  I'm going to compile some outfits based around a couple of these puppies soon - so stay tuned fashionistas!
It's errands, coffee, painting and sketchbook time in that order for this girl today.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beautiful Workspaces

Interior Design by: Betsy Burnham
 Interior Design by: Erinn Valencich
Studio by: Heather Bailey
I think the point of these photos is that I'm attempting to get myself geared up to get back into my own crafting studio next week.  I dunno what the deal is with my current obsession with painting and painting alone, but it's gotta give sooner than later!  I'm hoping to spend some couch/coffee time with the sketchbooks this weekend to get some of the jumble of ideas out of my head and onto paper.  I am really excited about the storyboarding though, and I made a desktop version so that every time I open my laptop it's staring at me - all sorts of pretty things compiled in an unorganized yet orderly fashion... just the way I like it : )
So today: a few odds & ends sewing projects, some reading, some gym time and yes indeed there will be some painting.  
Naturally, there cannot be painting without coffee, so I better start there!
Wow, Thursday already!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thrifting for Gold:

Confessions of a Thrift Shop Junky

(The pic of various thrifted shoes is from ISLY blog)
I used to have a problem.  Sometimes I still do.  I was a thrift shop addict of the worst variety - as in, could NOT leave anything with "potential" behind.  Some of the items stashed at my parent's house are a testament to this phase which, mind you, spanned the better part of a decade... I still maintain that I will get use out of those goods (mostly furniture) at some point.  I'm better now, for the most part.  I try really hard to be choosy and realistic about the amount of undecorated space in my house, the quality of the item and hey, even the necessity (logic, who knew?!).
These black and white beauties were too good to pass by - considering they look unworn (inside and out), were dirt cheap and I've been contemplating a pricey pair in the same style for a looong time.  Now I just need a pair of floral knee socks and I'm good to go for spring footwear.  Ohhh, I cannot wait for warmer days, dresses and socks and lighter layers. 
Today, I'm holdin' down the fort at Bloom then some gym time and just a LITTLE bit more Pride & Prejudice to get through.  I will officially be avoiding working out the legs much today, after that yoga fit class last night - my backside thanks you for the pain, Jamie ; )
*** Count down to beach vacation: 25 days ***

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feature Blog on...

The lovely Greta of Northwoods Loves has kindly chosen Dove Tree to be featured on her blog for the next two weeks!  Check out the introduction post and interview here.  Greta is a crafty gal herself, visit her etsy shop ( and find sweet handmade jewelry and crochet headbands.
Thanks so much for your support Greta!
Tuesday is looking a little different around here for the next while - more storyboarding for me today, then yoga class and homework tonight.  
Welcome, March.