Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekender

My lady Jenna-Loo and I spent Friday night fighting with strip after strip of wallpaper in her living room... and maybe it needs um, some finishing touches ha.  We had fun though, and who can blame us for hurrying when there was a bottle of wine and a BIG bowl of white cheddar popcorn waiting for us at the finish line?!

Saturday afternoon saw a little Starbucks run and the matinee performance of The Shunning at MTC, followed by some delicious Thai food... mmm, green curry!

Sunday there was finally some definite couch time - nothing like 8 cups of green tea and an afternoon with Pride & Prejudice (the book - no cheating on the homework here ;) to make a stuffy nose and head feel a little better.
Today is catch-up on emails and errands and then time spent working on the storyboarding for some new dresses.  The list is longer than the day, so I might be reaching for the coffee sooner than later.
Last day of February - hurray!


Greta Larson said...
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Greta Larson said...

Here's the link to your introduction post! Looking forward to the next 2 weeks with you!