Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekender

Hmm, the weekend run-down: 
- Friday was painting all day, gym time, working on some bloggity blog stuff and starting-in on my lady Jenna's feathered wedding hair piece.  
-Saturday was breakie out with 'Nita, an afternoon of working at Bloom, gym time and then... then, I watched a really sad movie:

... it was beautiful though, in that you could watch without the audio and still follow.  I like movies like that sometimes, that don't rely so much on the dialogue but rather more on the scenery, color, expression, etc.  The scene in the preview of Tommy screaming is totally heart-wrenching by that point in the movie.  Yikes, tears for sure.
-Sunday was more coffee, more painting (hurray for another one done!), another go at watching a very cute game of hockey (it IS cute, when the players' average age is 5) and supper with the Ma & Pa.
***There was also NO homework, NO cleaning and NO laundry... saved all the 'good' stuff for Monday - which is technically a holiday here, but hmm, when all your days run together the way mine do, it's kinda hard to differentiate and single out a day of nothingness.  I'll wait until I need it instead : )  
Hope ya'll enjoy your holiday - whether it's Louis Riel Day, Family Day or President's Day for ya!


Lindsay Robertson said...

Watched this movie the other day after seeing the trailer on your blog. Loved it!

Kari said...

So glad you liked it Lindsay!