Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekender: Go Panthers!

I didn't take a single photo this weekend... odd.  Actually, the weekend was maybe unusual in a few ways - between avoiding the work projects and the amount of time spent on my butt in front of the t.v. (weird!).  
Friday evening was spent sippin' coffee and watching a good girly friend's little guy play hockey.  I must say, that was about the cutest game of hockey I've seen!  We followed that up with snacks and Dirty Dancing ... with lottsa chat during commercial breaks.  Totally and completely relaxing.
Saturday saw some coffee, painting and gym time.  The usual sorts of Saturday bits, topped off with a glass of wine accompanied by parts of Step Brothers and SNL.  Wow.  Could this story get any lazier?
I think ya'll know what happened Sunday.  I won't claim to actually have *watched* the Super Bowl - but I did get to a party and have a great time with friends.  The joke was that I was cheering for "Football" (in general, not any specific team).  So obviously I won last night, you can't lose when you cheer for the entire sport - unless an NBA team takes the field.  Honestly, I have put in good efforts to understand football in the past... if several seasons of NBC's Friday Night Lights counts.  Okay, maybe I watched FNL more or less because I have a t.v. crush on Tim Riggins' character (Taylor Kitsch).
Totally a lost cause, hey?!  
Okay, time to get the Monday moving along... painting, pillows, and unanswered messages from an entirely work-free and offline weekend.

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