Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Day Baby-Cakes

Even though it's a totally cute idea, I've never really gotten into the Valentine's Day thing in the traditional way... it's all about giving the friends and fam a little extra love for me.  Although I must say that I do like that my Pa still gets my sister and I a lil' somethin' and any excuse to eat cinnamon flavored candy is a "win" in my books.  I'm also in favor of any occasion that warrants baking and decorating cupcakes.  Yum.  I've made some far more impressive birthday and Halloween themed mini-cakes, but in the spirit of respecting the season, pics of the V-day cupcakes instead : )
What are your Valentine's Day traditions?   Ohh, or do you just think it's totally ridiculous?  Ha ha.


K said...

I'm kind of with you on this one, Valentine's Day gets a big "meh" from me. Although I don't mind using it as an excuse to eat or make fancy food, haha.
On that note, today is baking day: two kinds of chocolate chip cookies and possibly some brownies. Deeeeelish :D

Kari said...

Mmm, I wish I was visiting your place today ;) Those are two of my very favorite baked goodies! Enjoy the day Miss K!